Notable Projects from Root Insurance Co.

Design Lead

During my tenure at Root Insurance Co. I've led design across two problem areas, checkout and policyholder experience. Below are two notable products that I took from conception to execution during my tenure at Root.

Stay Home Driving Bonus

I had the pleasure of working on Root's Stay Home Driving Bonus. A program designed to reward our policyholders for staying home and reducing the spread of Covid-19. Policyholders who let us track their telematics during the months of April and May could receive up to 10% of their premium back for driving less than they normally would. This is the reward flow I designed for customers who received the largest refund. This flow was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work required to get this out the door.

Right Quote Recommendations

I led design and strategy on a coverage recommendation engine designed to help first time insurance buyers understand and purchase the coverage they need. This was a 0 to 1 intiative that earned Root an additional $250,000 in revenue weekly from Q2 - Q4 of 2019 .